Can Incorporating Movement Improve Learning for Children with ADHD?


  Movement As Medication ADHD  “ I believe that if diagnosis and treatment can ease a single anxious mind, calm one fuzzy brain, or relieve one guilt –ridden psyche, it’s worth the effort, at any age.”   – ADHD Mom and Private School Administrator

   She seems to learn better when she moves around. ADHD medication has increased her focus, but is there any evidence that movement does as well?

    A recent study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology showed that attention and working memory improved when children with ADHD were more physically active. In other words, their hyperactivity may play a function in increasing learning. Children without ADHD did not learn better when they were more active.  

  • We need a new approach to teaching kids with ADHD. ADDitude Magazine Reader’s Choice 2015-Best School Accommodation is standing or moving around in class. Why not? Most schools can not accommodate this due to having 20 to 30 students in a class. Small class size is the number one important ingredient to have in a school. The students can become engaged in their learning through project-based learning. Multisensory experiences are crucial. The more the better!


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