Glenwood Academy Elementary School

Small Class Size Is Formula For Success
Small Differentiated Classrooms

Glenwood Academy students succeed in their academics because of our commitment to small class sizes and our blend of positive instruction and engaging project-based learning. We follow Maryland State recommendations in curriculum decisions with the crucial difference being that our students work towards mastery.

Our school has a fully integrated 1:1 computer program using Chromebook’s and Google for Education along with multiple online resources to enhance student learning. All Glenwood Academy students from 1st grade through High School use technology as part of their day to day learning.

Additionally, we utilize a flipped classroom model where students “homework” is introductory lecture via video instruction and “book work” is done during classroom time where the teacher is there to fully address individual learning needs. This model enhances our ability to provide differentiated instruction on an individualized level to our students.