Glenwood Academy’s High School

Engaged Learners

GA High School Engaged Learners

High school is an exciting time of life! Glenwood Academy now offers 9th through 11th Grade classes in our High School Division. We will be adding 12th grade next year to complete the entire high school curriculum. Our program of studies is designed to uniquely suit and help every student grow and develop into the person they want to be.

Traditional lecture-based classes do not work for everyone. Students learn differently, so our teacher’s tailor instruction to suit each child’s unique learning style and interests. When students are presented with course material at their own pace and learning style, they feel supported, understood and better able to learn.  Most of our students are kinesthetic or experiential learners and benefit by our hands-on approach to learning. 

Incorporating technology with our 1:1 computer program, google for education, and online learning programs allow our high school students to master the tools for their futures. Our flipped classroom model provides additional individualized time for students in the classroom, while introductory videos are provided as “homework” during study hall. This opens the classroom up for collaboration, inquiry, and learning that cannot be accomplished in the traditional classroom model.

High School Graduation Requirements