Glenwood Academy’s History

Glenwood Academy

Glenwood Academy

Glenwood Academy was founded by Cheryl Stradling in 1986, as a preschool in Ellicott City, MD. For 22 years, the school was called “Learning Through Play.” During this time-frame, Mrs. Stradling realized that her heart was beating to a different drum–the field of learning disabilities.

While receiving her Master’s Degree in special education, she had an amazing internship with The Remedial Education and Counseling Help Program, Inc (R.E.A.C.H.) in Baltimore, MD. She felt rewarded being part of such a wonderful non-profit tutoring and diagnostic testing organization.

Over the years, the president of R.E.A.C.H. saw her passion for “making a difference” for students with a learning disability. Mrs. Stradling went from intern to opening two more centers at St. Timothy’s Church and First Lutheran Church. During this time, Mrs. Stradling met Fran Bowman, who is the first Fellow in The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators and owner of Bowman Educational Services. She trained her in Orton-Gillingham. Through instruction in using a multi-sensory structured language program, Mrs. Stradling realized how effective this teaching methodology is.

A few years later the school was moved to the western end of Howard County. The preschool is now located at 14785 Bushy Park Road in Woodbine, Maryland. The elementary, middle and high school is located at 16151 Old Frederick Road in Mount Airy.