How Giving Makes A Difference

Dear Generous Donor(s)

Adam and I would like to express our gratitude for your extreme generosity! Words cannot explain how truly grateful we are for your gift.

Before Andrew attended Glenwood Academy, he was barely able to read. Now he is reading books, signs and even commercials! His improvement is really very impressive. I am sure he would not have achieved even a fraction of what he has at Glenwood in public school. The opportunities that are being afforded to our son are only possible because of your generosity.

Andrew loves attending Glenwood. He has met so many wonderful teachers and fellow students. His social behaviors have improved and he has made several friends. He has also experienced learning in such a new light and enjoys learning and experiencing things hands on. We have learned that Andrews diagnosis and learning disabilities are not a downfall but a difference! We have found that he is more than capable of excelling academically with a different approach.

With the talented, well trained staff and the generosity of his scholarship we are hopeful Andrew will continue down his successful track the next 8 years and attend college.

Thanks again for helping us provide an education to our child when we are unable to afford it and the public school system was not interested in trying.


Ashleigh and Adam Davis