Glenwood Academy Middle School

Meeting The Needs Of The Individual

GA Middle School Individualized Approach

Glenwood Academy’s curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of the individual learner. Our school makes a difference due to the small classes, our mandatory Study Hall and by providing an individualized instructional approach to learning. Ultimately, this approach will lead our students to achieve their highest potential.

As part of this approach, we have a fully integrated 1:1 computer program with Google Chromebooks, Google for Education, and multiple on-line learning applications. Our students are 21st-century learners and we strive to ensure they have the tools they need to excel in their learning.

To further enhance our small classrooms and differentiated instruction, Glenwood Academy follows a Flipped Classroom model. This concept of providing students the introductory materials in advance allows them to step into the classroom ready to engage in active learning. Focusing on deeper learning and more hands-on approach during classroom time while their subject matter expert—the teacher is right there to guide them.