Middle School Language Arts

A Multisensory Approach to Teaching Language Arts

Glenwood Academy Social Studies

Students are enriched with two periods of language each day. Each period focuses on the researched scope and sequence developed by Glencoe. The content is taught using a structured, sequential, multisensory approach.

The first period, Glencoe Literature, includes reading skills and strategies, literary elements and listening and speaking skills that students need in order to become successful readers and writers. All “leveled” activities better help our teachers differentiate instruction. Also, all Glencoe materials provide digital learning. This provides full-text synced-audio selection read support. Multimedia links to video, activities, animations and graphic organizers are included during this period. Wordly Wise 3000, provides systematic, sequential vocabulary development.

Rich vocabulary is essential to successful reading comprehension.
 This research-based vocabulary program provides hands-on touch learning through its digital online option.

Composition class is the second period under the umbrella of language arts. Glenwood Academy follows the scope and sequence form from Project Read entitled, “Framing Your Thoughts – Applied Writing.” It carries the concepts and skills taught in the elementary school program, “Framing Your Thoughts – Sentence Structure” to meaningful practice as students work toward mastery in writing. It presents specific techniques to shape five types of paragraphs. The editing process moves learners toward writing independence.