Middle School Math

Allowing The Student To Progress At Their Own Pace

Glenwood Academy Middle School Math

Students are grouped according to math skill level – they progress at their own pace. Depending upon the student’s learning style we utilize a variety of math programs.

Leading educators believe multi-sensory math is the best way to help ALL students learn math, regardless of learning style.
 The virtual manipulative allows students and teachers to digitally model mathematical concepts. Problem-solving opportunities embedded in every lesson show students that mathematics is useful in real life.

Glenwood Academy’s 3-tier Rt1 model with print, hands-on and digital resources better helps diagnose students, identify areas of need and conduct short, frequent assessments for accurate data-driven decision making. Each lesson provides additional resources to consider, to better design instruction. The seamless integration of print and digital tools allows for a custom-developmental math program for ALL students.