Middle School Physical Education

Modified School Environment to Increase Physical Activity

GA Students Physical Education

Glenwood Academy’s Middle School physical education program follows the researched based middle school scope and sequence from “SPARK Middle School Physical Education.” It is aligned with Maryland’s National Standards and is designed to be more inclusive, active, and fun than traditional PE classes.

Glenwood Academy is fortunate enough to have the state of the art, Glenwood Community Center, only three miles away from the school. The students are transported there twice a week in our school vans for physical education in their gymnasium.

The classroom teachers also love SPARK because its major objective is to increase physical activity opportunities on campus throughout the school day. This compliments the philosophy of Glenwood Academy in that our students are more engaged in their learning because we modify our school environment. By adding physical activity options for students at various times of the school day, our middle school students are more focused on their learning.