Parent of a former student

My daughter attended Glenwood Academy for 6 years. If not for this school I am certain her learning experiences would have been a less than positive experience. Thanks to a well trained and exceptional team we had an early diagnosis of her dyslexia and ADD, and a plan of action to help her move forward using muti-sensory teaching with the Orten-Gillingham approach for reading. The small class size and individualized learning gave her the room to learn, grow and build confidence in her own abilities, equipping her with the tools she needed to meet the different types of challenges she will continue to face throughout life. I am forever grateful to Glenwood Academy for providing such a wonderful environment for students with learning differences.

Parent of a 4th grade student, Glenwood Academy 2014-2015

I appreciate the fact that Glenwood Academy has the kind of structure that allows the children to truly master a subject before moving on – so many times kids are rushed through the subject and/or skill just to meet a timeline and they have not really learned the subject.

We have seen major improvements in Amanda’s grades since the fall and I believe it is the mix of the teachers – she is able to attend a class for each subject that is at her level and she is able to be challenged and succeed and that is a confidence builder.  Thanks

Parent of a 2012-13 7th Grade Student

This past year at Glenwood has been so beneficial for my daughter.  As a result of the teaching ability of Ms. S. and the loving support of the staff and teachers, my daughter has the confidence and skill to independently tackle the demands of school work.  Her organizational skills have improved and she is much happier.  

Best wishes to the Glenwood staff and teachers as you continue to bring immeasurable success to the lives of your students.

I am very happy to report that our son has transitioned very well to his new school and does not seem at all troubled by the social and emotional concerns he had back in 3rd grade before he came to Glenwood Academy. In addition, he is doing well academically and is keeping up with his class.

We have also been pleasantly surprised to learn how well he has done on the various tests he was given. He has made great progress! Much of the credit for his achievements and his confidence goes to [Cheryl]. Thank you for your care and attention to his education. You have made a big impact and have enabled him to transition successfully back into public school. We will always be grateful and will hold a special place in our hearts for Glenwood Academy, the staff, and the friends we made there!

– Parent of a 2011-12 Elementary Student

Thank you

….for your support of speech and language goals in the classroom. I appreciate your time and your enthusiasm. It makes me feel valued as a therapist and I know it helps our students succeed. I am sure this is a “no brainer” for you, but it is not always the case.

Thank you!

– Nicole Orellana MS, CCC-SLP – Glenwood Academy’s Speech Teacher

“Glenwood Academy was exactly what my daughter needed in a school.  The small classes created more of a family environment where everyone knew and supported everyone.  My daughter did not feel overwhelmed anymore by a big school, with big classes, overwhelming amounts of work based on the school’s needs (not my daughter’s) and lots of people getting shuffled around like a cattle call.  Glenwood Academy personalizes the curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child and my daughter felt like she could manage and meet the academic requirements which increased her self-esteem which had plummeted in public school.  Life-long friendships were made at Glenwood as well.  Ms. Cheryl’s organizational skills are now my daughter’s skills and she is very structured and organized and manages her work load efficiently at her new school.  My daughter is a more confident and organized student with a stronger foundation because of Glenwood Academy.  She is thriving now in school reading, writing and problem solving with confidence, dedication and determination.”

-Parent of a 2011-12 Glenwood Academy 7th grade student

“It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Glenwood Academy and Mrs. Cheryl Stradling.  After several years of struggling to find the best educational platform for our daughter, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Mrs. Stradling and the Glenwood Academy.

Within minutes of our first meeting with Mrs. Stradling, we quickly realized that we had finally found a home for our daughter.  Individualized attention would enable our daughter to advance her academic skills and restore the confidence that had been deteriorating in years prior.  While hesitant to make the switch in the middle of the school year, we took the leap of faith and never looked back.

During her tenure at Glenwood Country School, our daughter developed new learning strategies and habits that she continues to use today.  Not only did her focus and interest in school substantially increase but she also regained confidence in herself and her abilities to perform at a high level in and out of the classroom.  Glenwood provides the combination of small classroom sizes, an aggressive curriculum, individualized learning methodologies, consistent structure and a Head of School who has passion and knowledge that is second to none.

Our experience was easy to validate as in the years prior to Glenwood, we tried parochial school, public school, in-school and after-school tutoring and professional counseling, among many others.  Despite such efforts, there is not one that compares with the success we enjoyed under the guidance of Mrs. Stradling and the faculty at Glenwood Academy.  For this very reason, we offer this letter of recommendation as a small token of our sincere gratitude.”

-Parent of a 2011-12 Glenwood Academy 6 th grade student